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What are the application areas of the connector? How is it classified?

Electronic connectors are also called connectors in China. They are widely used in computers and interface equipment, telecommunications, communication equipment, instruments, consumer electronics, new energy vehicles, security monitoring, industrial electrical appliances, solid-state lighting, smart homes, smart phones, industrial control Medical, military and aviation industries!
What are the application areas of the connector? How is it classified?
Connectors are divided in different ways, and there are the following categories:
1. According to the nature of use, there are external connectors (for external enclosures) and internal connectors (for internal enclosures).
2. According to the processing method, the crimp type (Crimp Type), the crimp type (IDC Type) are also known as the piercing type, the solder type, the splint type (straddle), the zero insertion type (ZIF Type), and the plug-in type (DIP), SMT.
3. According to the usage mode, it is divided into wire-to-board connectors, board-to-board connectors, wire-to-wire connectors, sockets, input and output connectors.
4. According to the structure, it can be divided into general connectors, moisture-resistant and waterproof connectors, environment-resistant connectors, air-tight connectors, fire-resistant connectors, and water-resistant connectors
5. According to gender: male end, female end (plug, socket)