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Shenzhen Lilutong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise, specializing in the production of various precision connectors featuring waterproof. The main products are: professional production of waterproof connectors, waterproof plugs, aviation plugs, self-locking connectors, Quick connector, quick card connector, quick connect connector, quick lock connector, cable plug, waterproof connector, aviation plug, quick plug connector, push-pull self-locking connector, sensor connector, metal connector, solar connection Adapter, photovoltaic connector, pre-branch cable, T-t...

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What is the difference between MPQ and MOQ of connector manufacturers?

Choose a connector manufacturer to purchase goods. From the early sample confirmation to the small batch trial production, usually the purchase quantity is limi...



What is a Wafer connector?

Wafer connector usually refers to the connector base (chip base) connector, which is usually assembled from metal parts and plastic parts, and is often used on ...



Precautions for connecting the wiring harness What should the wiring harness man

We all know that there is a connecting wire harness in the field of display screens, and the wire harness must be inseparable from the terminal connector, becau...



What are the application areas of the connector? How is it classified?

Widely used in computer and interface equipment, telecommunications, communication equipment, instruments, consumer electronics, new energy vehicles, security m...

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